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Lecture 12

Lecture 12 on Sensory Physiology part 1

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Biological Sciences

BIOB30Fall2010 Lecture 12 Sensory Physiology I Processing of sensory stimuli o Special senses always conscious vision hearing taste smell equilibrium balance o Somatic senses pain nociception itch touch and temperature both conscious and unconscious body position proprioception pH and blood pressure subconscious reflexeshypothalamus General Properties of Sensory Systems o Activated by a stimulus physical energy o Stimulus activates sensory receptorconverts stimulus to intracellular signalsignal transductionchanges in membrane potential Vm known as generator or receptor potential occurs same as graded potential o If threshold is reached conduction of action potential to the CNS occurs o Integration of signal in the CNS then occurssomatosensory cortex conscious and brain stem unconscious Type of Sensory Receptors Classified by structureType of Sensory Receptor Classified by Stimulus that they are most sensitive to o Chemoreceptors responds to chemical stimuli that bind to receptors ex Smell oxygen glucose o Mechanoreceptors mechanical stress or mechanical strain such as pressure baroreceptors vibration gravity cell stretch osmoreceptors acceleration proprioreceptors sound o Thermoreceptors temperature 1
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