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Lecture 13

Lecture 13 on Sensory Physiology II - includes pictures

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Biological Sciences

BIOB30Fall2011 Lecture 13 Sensory Physiology II The olfactory System Smell oo Olfactory neurons have free nerve endings simple sensory neurons o Olfactory cells located in the olfactory epithelium high in the nasal cavity o Olfactory bulb is located underneath the forebrain o Stem cells in epithelial layer replace broken down olfactory cells every2 monthsHow it worksoo Olfactory bulb receives input from primary olfactory neurons olfactory receptor cells o Tracts of primary neurons form the olfactory nerve cranial nerve Isynapses in the olfactory bulb onto sensory olfactory neuron o Olfactory bulb processes and integrated incoming information afferents o Secondary neurons terminate in the olfactory cortexsends outputs to the amygdale and hippocampus triggers emotion and memory Signal Transduction in the Olfactory Systemo Olfactory receptors are concentrated in the olfactory epitheliumdendrites on the surface extend to the olfactory bulb and terminals of olfactory receptors line the epithelium each terminal is embedded in mucus lining o Odorant molecules dissolve and penetrate mucus to bind to odorant receptors o Each odorant receptor is sensitive to many odorant molecules o 1000 genes for olfactory receptors very diverse smells35 of the genome o1
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