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Lecture 15

Lecture 15 on Sensory Physiology IV - includes pictures

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Biological Sciences

BIOB30Fall2011 Lecture 15 Sensory Physiology IV Internal Anatomy of the Eye oo The eye is a hollow sphere divided into 2 compartments separated by the lens o Compartments contain aquous humor and vitreous humoro Lens and cornea focus light on the retina o Bending of the lens is controlled by zonules and ciliary muscles o Retina contains blood vessels photoreceptors optic disk and fovea area of highest visual sharpness o The macula is a larger area of sharp focusbut not as sharp as the fovea Vision o Light eneters eye through the cornea o Amount of light is modulate by the pupilcan change from 15mm to 8mm in diameter 28x difference in area o Lens focuses light waves on the retinamuscles that control the lens cause the lens to change shape o Photoreceptors of the retina transducer light energy into an electrical signal o Electrical signal is processed through neural pathwayso Corneapupil modulationlens retinaphotoreceptors signal transductionvisual cortex Ciliary Muscles and Zonules ligaments control Lens Shape oo Light converges on the retina at the focal point o Distance from center of lens to focal point is called the focal length o For focal length to change the lens must change shape o Presbyopia loss of ability of the lens to change in shape occurs with aging 1
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