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Lecture 16

Lecture 16 on Autonomic and Somatic Control Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences

BIOB30Fall2011 Lecture 16 Autonomic and Somatic Control Autonomic Nervous System o Made up of cardiac muscle smooth muscle internal organsinvoluntary adipose fat tissue and endocrine systemAutonomic Division of the Nervous System o Involuntary control of smooth muscle cardiac muscle glands and adipose tissue o Homeostasis is maintained by the preservation of the internal and external environment o Consists of 2 antagonistic branches sympathetic and parasympathetic branch o The sympathetic branchfight or flight energetic action o Parasympathetic branchrest and digest routine body function Homeostasis o Homeostasis is a dynamic balance between the autonomic branches o Most internal organs are under antagonistic control by the ANSone branch of the ANS is excitatory while the other isinhibitory o Ex sympathetic increases heart rate parasympathetic decreases the heart rate sympathetic decreases digestive system function while parasympathetic increases digestive system function o EXCEPTION sweat glands are solely sympathetic used in fight or flight response o Sometimes 2 autonomic branches work cooperatively o Example blood flow to the penis is controlled by parasympathetic branch while muscle contraction for ejaculation is controlled by sympathetic branch Functions of the Sympathetic vs Parasympathetic ANS Sympathetic The sympathetic nervous system constricts and dilates blood vessels Stimulation Parasympathetico Pupil dilation Inhibition o Increase heart rate o Dilation of bronchioles o Constricts pupil size o Fat breakdown o Slows heart rate o Secretion from sweat lymph glands o Constricts bronchioles o Ejaculation Inhibition Stimulation o Digestion o Insulin secretion from pancreas o Insulin secretion from the pancreas o Urination o Digestive system o Urinationo Erection 1
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