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Lecture 20

Lecture 20 on Smooth Muscle Integrative Control of Body Movements (continuation of Lecture 19)

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Biological Sciences

BIOB30Fall2011 Lecture 20 Smooth Muscle Integrative Control of Body Movement continuation of Lecture 19 Autonimic Reflexes Food Intake Polysynaptic ReflexoSkeletal Muscle Reflexes 1 Respond to changes in joint movement muscle tension and muscle length 2 Activation of proprioceptors located in skeletal muscle joint capsules and ligaments to monitor position of limbs in space movement and effort we exert when lifting objects3 Activation of efferent sensory neurons 4 CNS integrates input signal and reacts in one of 2 waysmuscle contraction excitatory somatic motor neuron or relaxationsensory input activates inhibitory interneuron in CNS to inhibit somatic motor neuron activationif the message is integrated subconsciously then it will result in an involuntary reflexsometimes reflexes are modulated by cerebral cortex which results in perception or conscious output5 Somatic motor neuron that carries output signalsalpha motor neuron6 Effectorscontractile skeletal muscle fibres extrafusal fibres1
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