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Lecture 22 on Endocrinoly Part II

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Biological Sciences

BIOB30Fall2011 Lecture 22 Endocrinology 2 Cortisol is a Glucocorticoido The HypothalamicPituitaryAdrenal Axis HPA controls cortisol secretiono Cortisol releasing hormone CRH is released from the hypothalamus into the hypothalamic hypophysial portal system HHPS o Causes secretion of adrenocorticotropin hormone ACTH from the anterior pituitary o It acts on the adrenal cortex causing the release of cortisol o Cortisol controls negative feedback o Transported by corticosteroid binding proteinso Receptors are located in the nucleus of most cellso Cortisol is released continuously o The release of cortisol is highest in the morning and lowest at nightCortisol is Essential For Life oo Removal of the adrenal glands in animals causes death within days when exposed to environmental stress o Cortisol release is increased in response to stress example fight or flight response o It protects the body from hypoglycaemia large decrease in glucose levels in the plasmablood o Cortisol is catabolic causes breakdown of things o Breakdown of glucogen to glucose glycogenolysis in liver which is released into the blood stream gluconeogenesis o Breakdown of proteins in muscle to form glucose protein catabolism o Lipolysis increased fat breakdown to form fatty acids for energy o Decreased blood plasma Ca2 causes low bone densityo Without cortisol the immune system becomes suppressed o Decreased white blood cell count decreased antibodies decreased inflammation immunosuppressant for bee stings poison ivy organ transplant rejection1
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