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Lecture 23: Part 3 of Endocrinology Notes on her Lecture Slides

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Biological Sciences
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1BIOB30Fall2011 Lecture 23 Endocrinology 3 Normal Growtho Normal growth requires sex hormones testosterone estrogen and progesterone growth hormone thyroid hormone and parathyroid hormone parathyroid hormone and insulin o An adequate diet is also necessaryproteins energy vitamins and mineralsespecially Ca2 for bones o Absence of chronic stressexcess cortisol release has catabolic effects which inhibit growth causes breakdown of muscle o Geneticssize is predetermined when conceivedo Peak growth takes place during early childhood up to 3 years old and during teenage years o Girls hit puberty earlier at around 11 years old while boys hit that stage at around 14 years of age Growth Hormone is Anabolic oo Growth hormone is anabolic which means it causes tissue growth o Stimuli for GH release includes circulating nutrients thyroid hormone and circadian rhythmso Release is controlled by growth hormone release hormone growth hormone inhibiting hormone somatostatin and growth hormone from the HAP axiso GH is a peptide hormone that binds to GH binding proteins to extend half life and prevents it from being excreted through urine o Amount of GH binding protein in blood dictates growth rate o Targets endocrine and non endocrine cells o GH stimulates the release of insulin like growth factor IGF peptide hormones from the liver and other tissues which causes release of glucoseo IGF inhibits GH release by negative feedback on the Anterior Pituitary o IGF and GH work together to stimulate bone and tissue growtho They increase protein synthesis 1
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