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Biological Sciences
Joanne Nash

BIOB30 Mammalian Physiology Dr Joanne Nash Today‟s Lecture • General course information • Introduction to Physiology - What is it? - Homeostasis - How do scientists understand physiology? Pre-requisites • BGYA01H & BGYA02H or BGYA01Y • see me after class if you do not have the pre-requisites Communication information • course email: [email protected] - emails will be answered within 48 hours (except weekends) - use your UTSC email when contacting me Information for BIOB30 on the intranet • From home: • On campus: https://intranet • office hours: Thurs 2-4pm (Rm S532) • or by appointment (email [email protected]) Lectures and Tutorials available through WebOption • The BIOB30 WebOption address will be posted on the intranet within 24 hours of the first lecture • Attending class is strongly recommended Information using UTSC library resources • Tour of library: register at: Course Textbook • Silverthorn: Human Physiology: An Integrated Approach 5th Edition (Pearson, Benjamin Cummings) – Text book only: $151.87 (ISBN: 0321559398) – on Amazon – Student workbook: $63.70 (ISBN: 0321596439) – Package price at UTSC bookstore: $169. 95 (ISBN: 0135121663 or 9780135121665) • Silverthorn 4th Edition (2006) is acceptable I strongly recommend Silverthorn (either Edition) You may prefer: • Stanfield (4 Edition) Principles of Human Physiology (ISBN 0321651340 or 9780321651341) • Price at UTSC bookstore: $150.55 • Stanfield & Germann: 3 Edition (2008) (Pearson Benjamin Cummings) is acceptable Other sources for purchasing text books: How to get a good grade in BIOB30… • Read relevant BGYA02 notes and relevant chapters in text book • Come to class if you can! • Bring lecture outlines to class and make additional notes • Re-read relevant chapters in text book; focus on material related to the lectures • Read over lecture notes soon after class • Ask questions (email , lectures, office hours) • Exams will be only cover in material in lectures and tutorials (not just course outlines). Material in the text book not covered will not be in the exams. • Make sure you understand the concepts rather than memorise Lecture format • Bring course outlines to class • You will need to make additional notes in class • Recommend you use the WebOption as an „add on‟ to the live version • Constructive feedback very welcome!! Exams Midterm #1 (25%): • Approx 1 third short answer; 2 thirds multiple choice • Time allowed 1hr • Will cover lethures 1-8 th • October 10 or October 17 (it will not be held on Thanksgiving day). Midterm #2 (25%): • Approx 1 third short answer; 2 thirds multiple choice • Time allowed 1hr • Will cover lectures 9-16 • I have requested that this exam be held on the week beginning November 7th. Final exam (50%): • Approx 1 third short answer; 2 thirds multiple choice • Time allowed 2hr • Final exam is cumulative (Lectures 1-24) Tutorials BIOB30 th • September 29 • October 27 th • November 10th • Tutorials will not cover new material. They will review information from the lectures. A bit about me.................. Prof Nash / Dr Nash • BSc at the University of Aberdeen, UK (1995) - Pharmacology • MSc at the University of Manchester, UK (1996) - Neuroscience • PhD at the University of Manchester , UK (1999) – Biological Sciences Postdoctoral research fellowships • University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA (1999 – 2002): Molecular biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology • University of Bristol, UK (2002 – 2003): Electrophysiology • Toronto Western Research Institute, Canada (2003 – 2005) Mechanisms causing cell death in Parkinson‟s disease UTSC (2005) • Research: Cellular mechanisms underlying the cause and symptoms of Parkinson‟s disease • Courses I teach: BIOB30 and
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