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Lecture 11

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Biological Sciences
Marc Cadotte

Lecture 11 Chapter 12 Predation IntroductionRECALL over half the species on earth obtain energy by feeding on other organisms in a variety of types of interactionsAll are EXPLOITATIONa relationship in which one organism benefits by feeding on and thus directly harming anotherPrey SwitchingClassic model E1E2 is the ratio of prey 1 eaten relative to prey 2N1N2 is the ratio of prey 1 in habitst relative to prey 2C is preference for prey 1Guppies focused their foraging efforts on whichever prey species was most common in their habitat tubificids or fruit flies The solid green line indicates the results that would have been expected if the guppies had captured tubificids according to their availability instead of switching to whichever prey species was most abundant purple line second top dot when they were 60 of the prey tubificids constituted nearly 80 of the guppies dietpurple line botton dotwhen they were 20 of the prey tubificids constitutedjust 10 of the guppies diet
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