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Lecture 18

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Biological Sciences
Marc Fournier

BIOB50-Lecture 18 3/20/2012 7:17:00 AM  1. Regional species pool provides an upper limit on the number and types of species that can be present in a community  the importance of dispersal can be seen in case of non-native species invasions  read page 390-391  species invasion has ecological and economical  regions of high species richness, tend to have high local richness  2) a species may be able to reach a community but be physiologically unable to tolerate the abiotic conditions of the environment  some abiotic constraints are obvious (e.g. fish on land or more subtle; a lake might not support organisms that require fast-flowing water)  3) the final cut requires coexistence with other species  for species that depend on other species for growth, reproduction or survival, those other species must be present  species may be excluded from a community by competition, predation, parasitism, or disease o aka biotic resistance  interaction of native species in community with non- native that may exclude or slow down growth of the non-native species?  Eg. Garlic mustard  Three scools of thought:  Equilibrium theory  Non- equilibrium theory  Neutral theory (controversial) o Individual traits are insignificant Eqm theories:  Resource partitioning among species in a community reduces competition and increases species richness  Figure 18.7 o Each curve reps diff species o Indicates the different TYPES of resource and not AMOUNT o Narrow resource spectrum:  Many species tightly packed  Very little overlap btetween resource use—idea of species specialization o Broad resource spectrum:  More overlap  Lot of resources to exploit (diff types, not amount!)  High diversity among communities  Resources partitioning by Warblers:  Very little overlap in where the five diff w
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