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Lecture 19

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Biological Sciences
Marc Fournier

Lecture 19- Landscape Ecology and Ecosystem Management 3/22/2012 7:05:00 AM  Heterogeneous landscapes  landscape ecology- sub-disciple of ecology that emphasizes the causes and consequences of spatial variation across a range of scales  landscape elements:  biotic  abiotic o topography: rise and fall of landscape (eg. Mountains, lowlands)  depends a lot on soils (ie. Weathered, old, new)  landscape:  heterogenous: displays a varied composition or mixture of elements; man differences in spatial and/or temporal scales (i.e season)  homogenous: consists of elements which are similar or identical; few or no differences across space/ time o ie. Field of corn  Mosaic: composite of heterogeneous elements (eg. Google map)  moist calcerous soils correlates with upland evergreen forest  landscape ecology depends a lot on knowing topography and soil composition  Geographic information system (GIS): used in landscape planning, for conservation and urban development  Global position systems (GPS): allows ecologists to document precise locations and integrate them with other variables through GIS  can come with different layers (different sets of data that is combined with GIS data) of information  can produce maps with many types of data (eg. Figure 23.3) o landscape condition o took a portion of that landscape and showed pop density, road density and protected land  Landscape composition: kidns of elements or patches in landscape and amount of each kind present (ie. Ratio)  elements are defined by investigator and influence by the source of the data used  scale: spatial or tem
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