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Lecture 19

Lecture 19

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Biological Sciences
Maydianne Andrade

Lecture 19- Heritability and Racial Differences and Bell Curve Fallacy The Bell Curve: Intellegence and Class Structure in American Life - There is a genetic basic to the IQ of different races in the US Why is this relevant? - Then there is no point in throwing out money because no variation in environment will change their IQ – Racist! JP Rushton - Race, Evolution, and Behaviour - Average difference in IQ from different races account for genetic differences IQ is heritable BUT that is not the same as saying that it is heritable DP Barash - Bad science – comment towards Rushton book Heritability of IO and the Bell Curve - Facts: 1. IQ is heritable and 2. There is a difference between IQ of African Americans and European Americans - In the book they conclude that environmental difference is not big enough to cause this change so it must be due to heritability race. - There is no debate that: 1. IQ is affected by environment and white and black people have different populations and different environments. Hernstein and Murray’s Argument - Fact: difference between IQ of black and white people - Fact: IQ heritability is 60% - Now if genetic variation is removed, then the graphs would look like this - And so what is left is just what is due to environmental variation - Conclude: that the difference in quality of environment for black vs white is not large as shown in graph (15 points) - So they conclude that it is due to genetic difference PROBLEMS: - You cannot decide to trim 60% of genetic variation – and they just trimmed it from the tails which suggests that they planned their results. -
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