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Lecture 17

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Maydianne Andrade

Nov 8, 2012 BIOB51 Lecture 17 Notes  We assumed that phenotypes were determined strictly by genotypes  For most traits it is much more complicated than a 1:1 relationship between genotypes and phenotypes  Genes come together to form a particular morphology  The internal environment in what phenotype results from a gene (ie. pH of the body)  The interaction between genes can occur directly or with the interaction of other factors; can be inside or outside organism  Quantitative traits have different ranges/variations between individuals  Quantitative traits are typically effected by multiple genes and loci  Variability in heritable traits even if they have the same genetic basis  Genetic basis is not the same as the heritability of the trait  Raised plants with the same genotype and raised them in different environment (elevations)  All plants have the same genetic basis  Plant form is effected by the environment, in this case by elevation  Repeated for multiple genotypes and there is variation across genotypes for plant form  Genes and environment work together to effect variation in phenotype  We don’t know what genes are leading to the variation among individuals  Heritability focuses on differences between individuals and the causes for these differences  The bigger the effect of genes, the bigger the
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