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Lecture 16

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Biological Sciences
Maydianne Andrade

Nov 1, 2012 BIOB51 Lecture 16 Notes  During chronic phase, you have a viral load that is detectable by blood test  Treatments for HIV generally target the ability for virus to enter the cell or on reverse transcriptase  AZT provides individuals with a drug that looks like thymidine and can fool reverse transcriptase and add it to developing chain of DNA; can compromise HIV ability to infect cells  Viral loads spiked after 6 moths when treatments stopped working  AZT acts as an agent of selection on HIV in individuals body  In some virions left, mutations arose that allowed them to replicate themselves; resistance evolved  The higher the resistance, the higher dose of AZT required  Mutant form of HIV that won’t mistake AZT for thymidine will be favoured  HIV populations in bodies shifted from wild type to mutant strain  Mutations that are favoured tend to effect active site of reverse transcriptase molecule  Beneficial mutation is beneficial for the HIV, not the host  Vaccine activated antibodies for many strains, but didn’t have a significant effect on population levels  Likelihood of vaccine working is low because we can’t predict the mutations  If there is a mutation in an essential system of the entity, it will be non-viable  There are some things that are conserved across HIV strains; essential to the function of the virus are conserved epitopes  What will happen to HIV population at blue arrow when individuals stop taking AZT  AZT is not the only agent of selec
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