Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium and Mutation Lectures (Fall2011)

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Biological Sciences
Maydianne Andrade

BIOB51Fall2011 Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium and Mutation LectureEffect of Mutationomutation raterate at which one allele is converted to another allele per generation o ppp o qqp o if is a very small number which it usually is then mutation CAN change allele frequencies slightly but not significantly4o with enough change millions of generations some change occurs but only whenis close to 10 which is one of the highest mutation rates ever reportedmutation alone will not usually produce significant allele change unless the rate of mutation is high and even then after a VERY long period of timeMutation and Selectiono without mutation evolution would not be possible but mutationselectionpotent evolutionary forceo mutation creates new allele and natural selection acts on it o if mutation is beneficial selection for the mutant allele occursallele increases in frequency which is very beneficial may spread to fixation evolutionary change occurso if mutation is deleterious selection for normal allele occursallele is lost if very deleterious allele may be lost in the 1generation Point Mutations and Paino trait inability to feel paino in 1932the human pincushion made a living as a side show act o this trait is due to a point mutation autosomal recessive in SCN9A genecodes for a s
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