Migration, Drift and Non-random Mating Lectures (Fall2011)
Migration, Drift and Non-random Mating Lectures (Fall2011)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Maydianne Andrade

BIOB51Fall2011 Migration Drift and NonRandom MatingMigrationo Migration gene flow transfer of alleles from gene pool of one population to the gene pool of another populationo Example long distance dispersal by juvenile animals transport of pollenseedsspores by windwateranimals humans move to new continent intermarriage Effect of Migration o Migration from a small population to a large population has little effect on the large population but migration from a large population to a small population has a big effect on the small population o Example moving from an island to a continent and vice versaEffect of Migration on Island Allele Frequency o p1mpmp IIco wherepfrequencyA on island after migration Io p initial frequency of A on islandIo m migrants migrantsislanders o pfrequencyA on continentco the amount of change in island allele frequency depends on the difference between pI and pC and the number of migrants relative to the island population size m o if the frequency of alleles on the continent is not the same as the frequency of alleles on the island then migration can lead to violation of the HWisland allele frequency will change over time evolution will occur and the island genotype frequency is unpredictable until there is a round of random mating Migration ExampleBanded and Unbanded Water Snakeso snakes live on mainland on the islands in the lake o one gene with 2 alleles banded and undbandedbanded is dominant a
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