Heritability and Common Errors Lectures

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Biological Sciences
Maydianne Andrade

BIOB51Fall2011 Heritability and Common Errors Lectureo Heritability depends on additive genetic variation underlying variation in traits o Looslyadditive genetic variation is the type of genetic variation which leads to offspring looking like the average of their parentso Defined to allow us to predict effect of selection on phenotypic distributions What is the Heritability of skin colour among Caucasians in Vancouverexample o Facts sun exposure is the largest environmental determinant of skin colour o Vancouverwinter hardly any sun rains all the time summer is quite sunny o Assume random variation in how much time people spend outside tanning when it is sunny Ve 2o WinterVe is low h would be expected to be high 2o SummerVe is high h is low slope of mid parent skin tone vs offspring skin tone will be lower than in winter Error 1 o If all members of the population have the same trait value that trait is highly heritableo Correctionif there is no variation in a trait the trait is NOT heritableo HeritabilityVaVp00 Error 2 o Heritability is a fixed value for a particular traito Corrrectionheritability if not a fixed characteristic of a traito Heritability of a trait is a specific to a particular population in a particular environmentError 3 o Heritability tells us whether differences between populations are due o differences in genes or the environmento Hypothetical Example you observe that people from Vancouver have fairer skin than people from Los Ang
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