Sexual Dimorphism and DIfferential Parental Investment Lectures (Fall2011)

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Biological Sciences
Maydianne Andrade

BIOB51Fall2011 Sexual Dimorphism and Differential Parental Investment LectureHow much genetic change is necessary for divergence o Example monarch flycatchers in Solomon Islands o Visual recognition is importantmales and females aggressively defend territories males solicit copulations from females and the most strong response is to birds that look similar to themo Form incipient species endemic to different islands in the Solomon island chaino Difference between the 2 kindsa single nucleotide substitution in a gene regulating melanin productionSexual Dimorphismo Differences in form or behaviour of males and females of one specieso Example Frigate Birdfemale and males are different in anatomy colour and behaviour males have bright coloured sack on their neck o American Toadsfemales are bigger than males but males have a behavioural mating ritual where they inflate the air bubble on their neckso Elephant beetlethe male is bigger than the female size and anatomy differences o Red Deermale has thing on their head and are bigger differ in size and anatomy o Humansfemales are shorter than males differ in size and anatomy o Sexual dichromatism colour difference between the sexes frigate bird example o Structural dimorphism differences in structure elephant beetle example o Sexual size dimorphism differences in size between sexes humans o Behavioural dimorphism differences in behaviour between sexes American toads Darwins Dilemma o Selection for survival is unlikely to explain differences between the sexes
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