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Lecture 11

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Shelley A.Brunt

Lec11 Questions Slide 2 a. proteoglycan vs peptidoglycan vs glycoprotein a. proteoglycan is a subclass of glycoprotein i. protein b. peptidoglycan i. short amino sequence Slide 8 a. what makes a cyclic saccharide D, what makes it L? i. look at the alpha / beta configurations to determine between D or L 1. D - alpha:down / beta:up 2. L - alpha:up / beta:down Slide 9 b. pyran vs furan i. oxygen helps form the ring ii. C5 - C1  6 member iii. C4 - C1  5 member Slide 13 c. hemiketal vs hemiacetal i. whether the sugar reacts with aldehyde or ketone Slide 19 d. sugar phosphate vs sugar ester? i. importance of phosphate ester 1. sugar phosphate is sugar with phosphate group attached a. since phosphates are generally esterified to sugars, they can be sugar esters as well b. in this way the two terms are interchangeable due to the phosphate-ester bond between phosphate and sugar 2. sugar esters a. however, are not necessarily sugar phosphates, since other moieties can form ester linkages with the sugar Slide 26 1. i understand that alpha linkages have oxygen below the ring, and beta have oxygen above the ring, but what does it mean when oxygen is in the center with an squiggly up and down? - refer to lactose and cellubiose a. refer to the linkage concerning the left sugar i. in case of lactose and cellubiose  initial linkage is beta ii. if the linkage was down on the left sugar, it would be alpha linkage 1. unless it is L sugar Slide 34 1. cellulose and chitin are both homoglycans Slide 35 2. how do you distinguish between re
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