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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Patrick Mc Gowan

BIOC14Winter2013 Lecture 1 NotesCHAPTER 1 INTRO TO BEHAVIORAL GENETICSGenes o Basic physical unit of inheritance o Sequences of DNA encoding proteinsold definition o Locatable region of genomic sequences associated with regulatory regions transcribed regions andor other functional sequence regions such as noncoding RNAs rRNA tRNA and snRNABehaviors o is something that living organisms doo includes actions emotions moods personality etc o behavior is something the whole individuals do not organs or part that make up the individualsdone as a WHOLE not separate components o examples of behaviors flocks of geese fly in V formations a person decides not to do anything tomorrow if it rains dog salivates in anticipation of feeding time o example of not behaviors a person sweats in response to hot air cat produces insulin because of excess sugar in her blood beetle is swept away by a strong current Behavioural genetics o is the area of research that is concerned with the application of genetic methods and research designs to study how genes are related to human and animal behavioro scientists from a variety of fields such as genetics ethology psychology statistics chemistry etcwork together to answer questions about behavioral geneticso there are controversies in the fieldis there genetic basis for mental disorders obesity homosexuality intelligence etcBlack People Less Intelligent2007 Controversyo scientist claimed that black people are less intelligent than white peopleo James Watsonhe also partly discovered the structure of DNA o He said that testing showed that black people are genetically less intelligent than white peopleWomen bad at science by Harvard President2005 o He said men outperform women in maths and sciences because of biological difference and not discrimination o Interruption to have kids and then taking care of their kids does not allow them to work long hours o He also found that the top 5 of people at Harvard were men and not women o Basically he said that women cannot succeed in these fields because of their genetic makeup How do genes determine traits o Genetic factors control protein structureused to construct the physical features o Physical features are refered to as phenotypedirect way of genetics controlling behavioro Physical featured determines how an animal interacts with its environmento Example a rat with gene for long hair will have large elongated hair protein and therefore be furry whereas a rat with small short hair protein will have very short hair and look almost like a skinny pig SpandrelGould and lewontin 1979o A spandrel is used to hold up the roof it is like an arch in the shape of a Ythe space under the arch is empty and used for artwork o If evolution has provided organisms with a trait that can be used in a novel way even if it is evolved from something completely differentit can be referred to as a spandrelit is a phenotype derived from an unrelated adaptationLanguageSpandrel Example o Is language a spandrel specific to humans o Chomskyinnate language faculty is a unique capability vs o Natural selection of some shared featuresPinker numerical ability bird song o According to Chomsky language is a spandrel but according to Pinker it is evolved from other abilities which can be also seen in other organisms o For example some pritames can do basic math which is needed for basic grammar birds learn new songs which are very complex due to evolution which is used to attract matesso is language just evolved than in the other animals1
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