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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Biological Sciences
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Patrick Mc Gowan

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Lecture 10 C14 Sections 12 from the paper are fair game on the exam y When you knock out a genespecially embryonically you can have all kinds of compensatory effects and if you have genes that are required for normal development you wont be able to test their behaviour in adulthood because they wont survive You want to have some control over when this gene is knocked out or expressed y Different methods of generating miceo DNA microinfection in single cell embryosmc of randomly integrated DNA o Specifically targeting certain regions of the genome with homologous recombination to generate replacements at very specific loci where we know where exactly the gene is and what we want to do with it y These technologies are also widely used in drosophilathe mouse is a classic model but that doesnt mean other models can be used very y Specifically targeting certain regions of the genome to generate replacement in a specific loci y Paper studying individual genes is not sufficient in learning how the brain works neither is studying individual cells because cells work in groupshows the example of the circuit oBrain very complicatedbillions of neurons and trillions of synaptic connections o Trying to identy the circuitsto class neurons according to typestain the cell to look at its morphology But now we can identy how neurons perform in circuits what their electric activities are and their specific patterns of gene expression that distinguish them
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