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Biological Sciences
Patrick Mc Gowan

C14 Lecture 15Mood DisordersAnxiety y NRG1 is one of the genes linked to schizophrenia It is involved in glutamate receptor function it indirectly affects dopamine Read the section in book y Huge contribution ofenvironment to the phenotype are mood disorders and anxiety disorders o There have been a lot of findings that havent been replicated for genetic effects so they are very mysterious but very prevalent y There is a relationship between early stressful life events and depression o In terms of major environmental contributions stressful life events contribute to both depression and anxiety disorders o Mood and anxiety disorders are so separate they tend to cooccur with high degree of frequency o There are certain predisposingconditions that go along with thesethis is called comorbid o One of them is a personality variable called neuroticismcharacterized by high emotional reactivity and it is a measure of anxiety This is a trait that is stable throughout adult lifeo Another one is the stress associationlife stress can take many different forms one of the common is traumadeath of a family member and another one is socioeconomic status Low socioeconomic status is highly stressful and people who are poor have other health affects that are comorbid to depressionasthma hypertension o It is not known whether they are causative roles or are they simply related to it because they occur with low socioeconomic status o Another thing is cigarette smokingcommon in low socioeconomic status o Drug taking can have a role of compensating for some of the effects of disorders o Smoking is extremely high for patients with schizophreniaselfmedicating behaviour o People have thought about what genes are involved with cigarette smokingo It has been hard to crack genetic basis of these disorders because enviorment plays a huge role y Mood disorder abnormalities of emotion state that disrupt normal daily activitieshave to be very disruptive o Major depressionsymptons on slidesirritability anger They are at risk for suicide but mdd does not predict suicide because mdd is so severe that you cannot even get out of bed o Bipolarused to be called manic depression Periods of depression and then maniaeverything is great70correlation between MZ twins compared to 20 for DZ twinsvery heritableSymptons are widely spread Some have more mania and less depression and some have more depression and less mania o Dysthymialowlevel of chronic depression
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