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Lecture 8

BIOC14 : Lecture 8 : Inheritance of Complex Traits

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Biological Sciences
Patrick Mc Gowan

BIOC14Lec 8Inheritance of Complex Traitsslide 1genotype effects natureenvironmental effects nurturewhich is more important and how to estimate the relative contributions of genesenvironmental factorscontribution of gene or environment depends on the trait that were interested in qualitative traits that are influenced by single genes environmentalcontribution is quite low if you have the gene you tend to get the traitdisorderquantitative traits usu polygenic that vary along a continuous dimension you have much larger enviro contribution depending on traitdisorder the effects are greaterlessslide 4phenotypic variationto determine what portion of variation is due to genesenvirouse statisticsquantitative geneticsslide 5heritability isnt the same as inheritanceheritability geneenviro contribution rather than something will be passed on from generation to generationslide 6to understand how much variation in a population is due to genetic variation have to understand concept of varianceslide 7variance know mean of popnthen we want to know the distribution of scores around that mean how far the numbers lie around the mean is an indication of variability2can calculate sample variability s by taking avg squared deviations of each number from its meantrying to make an estimate of popn variancewe use n1 so we calculate samplethat is free to varydegrees of freedom if we knowof samples that are free to vary we have one sample that is left that isnt free to varydiffernces in variance around same mean in example slide 7 bottomleftsame means but different variancesstatistically trying to find difference between 2 groups of subjects one w disease one group doesntwant 2 see what is the overlap between the means of those 2 groupswill only tell part of the story because whether theres a difference btn the means is due to chance or not depends on degree of overlap but also on variance btn them
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