BIOC14 : Lec 12 : Normal Behavioral Development

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Biological Sciences
Patrick Mc Gowan

BIOC14Lec 12 Normal Behavioral Development LegendMvtmovement Behbehavior Pplpeople Popnpopulation Enviroenvironmentenvironmental Btnbetween Cxnsconnections Wdrawalwithdrawal Rxnsreactionsy Today well discuss what normal behaviors are in the context of understanding human intelligence eugenics mvt to discriminate against racesclasses personality sexual behavior controversial y Research on normal beh normal human developmenthas been stymied in last 10 years bc of climate of research o Focus on US medicine research has been on translational medicinetake your findings from benchtop to the clinic want to look at ppl who show abnormal beh o Harder to get funding for studies that look at normal beh so less focus on them but of course its by looking at traits that vary along continuum important to understand who fits into majority of the popn as well as the ones at the tail ends of the distribution y Most human behquantitative traitspolygenicmany genes contributing small effects to a trait high enviro contribution and tend to follow normal distribution in popn y Normal beh based on bell curve o IQ scores of the general popn follow bell curve most fall win 70 win standard deviation 100arbitrary set point to describe middle score o Scores change from decade to decade after revisions of tests have gotten harderdoes this mean ppl have gotten smarter Not really has to do w the validity of the test itself in assessing something that we consider to be related to intelligence in our current society o Mean score around 100 for IQ normal rangeIQ scores that fall win a standard deviation of the mean normal range 85115 o In terms of genetic variations that influence cognitive function at the lowend there are more than 215 single gene disorders that have cognitive deficits associated w them among their symptoms hugeof genes that contribute to something like intelligenceanother reason why it is very hard to definenot something you can measure directly o But it appears that some genetic variations do influence human intelligence even win this normal range INTELLIGENCE y Intelligence individuals ability to learn solve problems understand ideas measure it by measuring cognitive abilities o Distinction btn intelligence and cognitive abilities
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