BIOC14 : Lec 13 : Primary Cognitive Disorders

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Patrick Mc Gowan

BIOC14 Lec 13 Primary Cognitive Disorders LegendBtnbetween Pplpeople Fxnfunction Usuusually Dysfxndysfunction Enviroenvironmentenvironmental Espespeciallyy Cognitive disorders moving from analysis of normal behavior study of the differences behind intelligence personality and sexual behavior to some of the most studied cognitive disorders in humansy Effect of DRD4 polymorphism in various species in novelty seeking behaviors recap from last class o In humans mutation that affected the length of the dopamine receptor 4 genelong version associated w increased interest in novelty o Exists in dogs and different speciesdiff levels of aggression diff levels of interest in ppl trainabilityDifference btn golden retriever highly trainable dog friendly low territoriality low aggression VS shiba DRD4 allele versions in these dog species seem to be the opposite of what they are in humans y Short allele in dogs is associated w increased interest in noveltyincreased trainability whereas in humans it was the long allele y The polymorphism was found using genotyping techniques by 1 group a long time ago often we dont understand what the polymorphism is doing not clear what the function of the difference is y There hasnt been a lot of work done on dogs to understand how differences in polymorphisms contribute to the phenotype in dogs its just been shown that a particular polymorphism is ASSOCIATED with the phenotypey In the case of the Golden Retriever vs the Sheba allelic variations exist but its not the same as it is in humansits in a diff regionmay explain why there is an apparent opposite difference btn dogs and humans in the phenotype linked to the polymorphism y For a lot of human genes we do association studies and we know something about association btn change in polymorphism and certain trait but we dont know a lot about how it works y Focusing on the dopamine receptormore interesting bc theres a lot more known about what the functional differences in polymorphism means in terms of the function of the geneprotein y There are notable differences in the different strains of dogs in the dopamine receptor that confer a difference in phenotype
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