BIOC14 : Lec 15 : Mood and Anxiety Disorders

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Biological Sciences
Patrick Mc Gowan

BIOC14 Lec 15Mood and Anxiety DisordersLegend Btnbetween Pplpeople Popnpopulation 5HTserotonin NEnorepinephrine DAdopamine Fxnfunction Depdepression Cxnsconnections BehbehaviorNRG gene for glutamate transmission in schizophreniaindirectly affects dopamine levels huge contribution of environment to the phenotypemood disorders and anxiety disordersin terms of these 2 disorders there have been a lot of findings that havent been replicated in terms of geneticsmysterious disorders but are extremely prevalentrelationship btn early stressful life events and depression in terms of major environmental contributions stressful life events contribute to both depression and anxiety disorders and these two arent so separate tend to cooccur with a high degree of frequency life stress can take many diff forms one of the most commontrauma death divorce something else that causes major stresssocioeconomic status SES low SESvery stressful and ppl who are very poor have all kinds of other health conditions associated w thatlow SES cooccurs w anxiety and depression things like hypertensionasthma not known whether these things play a causative role in the occurrence of depressionanxiety or whether its simply related to it bc occur w other things like low SES certain predisposing conditions that go along with these 2 disorders comorbid one of these is personality variables neuroticismcharacterized by high emotional reactivity kind of a measure of anxiety in a way neuroticism is a trait that is pretty stable throughout adult life something else thats highly associated w depressionanxiety disorderscig smokingalso common in ppl w low SES backgrounds also thought that role of drug taking like cigs could be compensating for some of the effects of the disorders makes you feel a bit better in shortrunrates of smokingvery high in schizophrenia thought 2 be selfmedication looked at what genes may be involved in cig smoking Could there be a link btn those genes and the genes involved in depressionanxiety Or maybe they just cooccur The answer isnt clearMOOD DISORDERScharacterized by abnormalities in emotional state that disrupt daily activities as w all psychiatric disorders it has to significantly disrupt your daily life1 major depressionmost common
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