BIOC14 : Lec 16 : Special Guest Lecture - Dr. Kim

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Biological Sciences
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Patrick Mc Gowan

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BIOC14 Lec 16Special Guest LectureDr KimLegendMocsmoleculesPplpeopleBtnbetweenNtneurotransmitterCxnconnectionFxnfunctionGenetic approach to study neuronal function and animal behaviorOne of the most fundamental questions in contemporary neuroscienceis which types of neurons in the brain are related to which behaviorone of the most effective way of studying this question is by disrupting selective group of neurons and see what happens to behaviorphysiologyNot something unique to neuroscience used daily which cable controls the DVD player unplug cable one by one and see what happens etcGenetic tools that were developed by DrKim that inhibit neuron activity neuronal silencingNeural preservation approach can be executed in diff waysoInjecting neurotoxins or drugs into much smaller focal sites to study the effects of manipulating those set of neurons on behavior we used to think that the set of neurons are homogeneous BUT thats not the case genetic architecture of neurons is more complex than anatomical architectureoEx hippocampus CA3 subfield is composed of several genetically distinct subdomains each of which express diff set of genesoNeurons in yellow express diff set of genes compared to neurons in green territoryoWhen you inject drugneurotoxin into ventral side of this structure you actually target many different types of neuronsoTo tackle a particular type of neuron and its function ppl started thinking about a way to deliver mocs only this one type of neuron wout affecting others achieved this by combining celltype specific promoters with the gene that you want to deliverdevelop transgenic animals this approach has its own limitations even though genetic approaches itself is highly reliable and much less invasive than anatomical approach NONETHELESS HAS OWN LIMITATIONLimitation the driver gene that you use may be specific to a certain structure like the hippocampus but when you look at the entire brain it becomes diff story the driver gene isnt only expressed in the hippocampus but also in other regionsIf you use gene A that is only active in a certain subregion of the hippo but when you look at the entire brain gene A is expressed in other regions too
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