BIOC14 : Lec 20 : Stress and the Immune System

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Biological Sciences
Patrick Mc Gowan

BIOC14Lec 20 Stress and Immune Systemy Pay attention to the highlights of the effects that hes talking about y Maternal care can have huge effects on diff processesbeh prof tried to describe his work trying to look at the regulation of gene expression thru epigenetic mechanisms as a function of early maternal care in ratsthis was done by using microarray approach where they used immunoprecipitation techniques where they immunoprecipitated either components of the chromatin modifications or DNA methylation o We precipitate the DNA if we want to look at DNA methylation we use antibody that recognizes the DNA methylation precipitate down the DNA a fraction of the sample where we have a rich population of methylation throughout the genome then compare this to a sample from the same individual where we have just standard genomic DNA has methylated fraction and unmethylated fractionwere doing comparison between the two were hybridizing both those things to microarray were using diff colors to look at contrast between the population where theres enriched areas of DNA methylation and population that has both methylated and unmethylated DNA o So you can see if we look across subjects in our groups individuals that come from low maternal care moms or high maternal care momscan see where those individuals show enriched methylation throughout the genomethats what was done for profs studyo Plotted graph have canonical gene which just shows you where regulatory elements are in the gene where exons where transcriptional elements are and we can plot the differences that we saw between the two groups on graphsPlot the differences that were seen in DNA methylation histone acetylation mark of open chromatinpermissive for gene transcription and RNA expression can see the correspondence between these 3 thingsMain point to show that DNA methylation differences occur throughout both promoter region of genes into exons of genes into 3 regulatory elements of genesall of these diff areas may be important in determining the ultimate gene expression of a particular geneIn profs study found that early social experience having mom who licksgrooms you a lot the rat grows up to be less anxious in the region that they looked at in the genome they found that most of the differences in DNA methylation occurred in the exons of genes rather than promoter regionsimp bc most of the epigenetic studies so far have looked at just promoter regions as being epigenetically regulated BUT all of these regions can play a roleprof happened to find more differences in the exons than in promoter regions of the genesWhen genes are transcribed tend to see more methylation in the exons of the genes tend to see less methylation in promoter of gene
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