BIOC14 : Lec 21 : Genetic Counselling & Viral Vector Approaches for Gene Therapy

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Biological Sciences
Patrick Mc Gowan

BIOC14Lec 21Genetic Counselling and Using Viral Vector Approaches to do Gene TherapyLegend PplpeopleEspespeciallyDAdopamineADAlzheimers DiseasePDParkinsons DiseaseBehbehaviorGenetic CounsellingHas been around for a long time since 70sInform couples who are trying to conceive about the risks of inherited disorders try to help them understand what the implications are of either have physical or mental disorders in the family in terms of risk management trying to identify strategies that may help in the eventthat they do have offspring that have inheritable disorder that istreatable by environmental interventionsProcess involving interpretation of family histories and medical historiesEducating ppl about inheritance and how it works counsel to promote informed choices ex in the risk of Downs syndrome should they continue the pregnancygenetic counsellors will help them make informed decisionGenetic Counselling programs in universities not usual certified by American Board of Genetic Counselling Canadian Association of Genetic Counsellors genetic counsellorsthere arent many outside of major population areasA lot of docs arent specialists in genetics Epidemiological research shows that ppl have skewed view about relative risk of disorders esp mental disorders parents of offspring tend to underestimate the risk of their children having the disorders spouses of the offspringsiblings of affected individuals tend to overestimate riskGenetic counsellor will try to construct family history as best as they can based on physical and psychological dysfunctions that are known to exist in family to see if theres clear indication of risk of transmissionOften there isnt because genetic disorders are often multifactorialmultigenetic and its very hard to predict esp for mental disorders the kind of intergenerational transmission that you may seeThe help they can provide is still kind of limitedBut some of the ways that genetic counsellors can help is by odetermining if family should get screening methods in place for their offspring in utero to determine whether there is a genetic risk often these screening methods come with some risks with the fetus alsoo2 common screening methodsamniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling done at diff times
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