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Biological Sciences
Karen Williams

BIOC15 Lecture 1 Wednesday September 4, 2013  Russell et al. 2010 □ Many of the discoveries in genetics are found using other organisms □ Agriculture and horticultural genetics are things that may be important with metabolic diseases (yeast); agriculture and crops □ Mice are used frequently because it is a mammal – closest approximation to human genes □ Peas – Gregor Mendel, beginning of genetics using pea plants □ Zebra fish – developmental genetics □ Variety of different spheres used in genetics  General Course Information □ Genetics is like learning a language - Do not simply memorize – no idea how to use the term □ Don’t memorize solutions to the problem - Cases differ - Look at patterns for solving problems □ Genetics: Transmission of traits from one generation to the next  Prerequisites □ Central Dogma of biology: DNA to RNA to proteins □ Gene regulation – what stops transcription?  Lecture Schedule □ What is a gene? – possible test or exam question - Carries information of a genotype and phenotype - Used for protein synthesis - Part of DNA - Definition is deep and complicated; a concept to be explored - What happens when we change a gene? - Who is Mendel? - Gene location on chromosomes (within or not within a nucleus); mapping - What happens when genes get altered and changed? How genes control uncontrolled growth such as cancer? - Genes in different populations - Genes as little defined units but think of the contribution of many genes that build a trait such as height or behaviour  ability to read primary literature of genetics - DNA  phenotypes and populations  Genetics: GK genos birth, n (1905) □ Genetics com
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