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Biological Sciences
Shelley A.Brunt

Week 5 Exercise JS1 Procedure1 Incubation temperature set at either 3037 degrees2 Using either sterile 510mL pipettes inoculate 80ml of sterile nutrient broth in 250ml flask with an aliquot thats been aseptically removed from a midlogarithm Ecoli culture 3 Swirl culture flask with inoculated bacterial culture Immediately aseptically remove 5ml of bacterial culture and place into spec20 tube for turbidity reading This is time 0 reading Tell TA turbidity reading as soon as you obtain it 4 Remove 01ml from culture flask for the zero time viable cell count Once removed place flask at 37 or 30 degrees in the shaking water bath Turbidity Steps1 First zero the spec 20 using left knob Using right hand knob blank the spec 20 with 5ml of sterile nutrient broth in a sterile Spec 20 tube keep this tube to blank 2 Keep in mind spec 20 sample tube etched line should line u
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