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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 Notes

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Biological Sciences
Ian Brown

BIOC19H3FLECTURE 4Lens DevelopmentProblemsHow do you research complex problemsInvestigation of complex systemsBreak it down like the blood cell developmentThree 3 steps what is the inducerInitiatorWhat are the molecular changes the inducer changesHow do molecular changes underlie the morphological changesSelect a model system example red blood cellsSometimes there is a model of extreme cell differentiation like RBCOver 90 of proteins in that final cell is hemoglobinThe cell is packed with a protein that has a specific function Hemoglobin finds and binds oxygen in respirationAnother example today the lens in the eyeThe lens becomes packed with lens cell proteinsThere are very high amounts of tissue specific protein In rec blood cells this is hemoglobinIn the lens there is another protein that builds up in high concentrationSlide 2 Lens Functiondiagram A cross section of the eye showing where light comes in and where the retina isLens is at thefront of the eyeThe lens focuses the imageslight to the back of the eye retinaThe lens must have optical properties to focusYou must develop specific proteins to do thisSlide 3 Why is lens development a good model systemFive reasons1Avascular tissuewithout blood vessels most other organs have a blood system the lens does not nutrients diffuse in or out without a blood vessel system this makes for a good experimental system can be removed and researched without it degrading because of the lack of a blood vessel system2Classical object studied in experimental embryologylots of historical data on the morphological development of the lenslots of early biology workfirst system that people began doing experiments with3Lensspecific protein Crystallinbuilds up in high concentrations to give the properties it has8090 of protein in mature lens cell is the crystallin proteingives optical properties1
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