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Lecture 01

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Biological Sciences
Ian Brown

BIOC19LECTURE 1Slide 9 What is developmental biologyIt is the study of the developing animal from the fertilized egg to the embryonic stages and finally to the adult sgateMorphological change is any change in structureMorphological changes have been observed Through the naked eye Through the use of a microscopeMorphological change has also been analyzed at the molecular levelMolecular changes underlie and control morphological changeMorphological change is mainly visualChange in gene expression underlies and controls morphological changeSlide 10 Central Theme for the CourseTurning off and on of genes underlie morphological changeTechniques in recombinant DNA technologyGoal in this courseTo demonstrate that carrying out experiments in this course drives the field forward The more we know about normal development the more we understand about what goes wrong in genetic diseases hence advancing possible therapeutic treatments for these diseasesAnimal development has close connection with medicineWhen studying a disease we make an animal model of the disease where the animal experiences the same symptoms as human diseasesA further task is to convert some of these findings to human clinical trialsGenomics is the study of genesThe human genome has been sequencedWe know how many genes are in the human genome and its sequenceAlso we have decipheredsequenced the genome of the Drosophila fruit fly and ratsBut we still dont know the functions of many of these genesProtein products are the real functional unitsProteomics is the analysis of the structure and function of proteinsProteins are encoded and derived from genesErrors in proteins can lead to genetic diseases1
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