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Lecture 06

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Biological Sciences
Ian Brown

LECTURE 6Today tissue interactionsFor those writing the makeup exam she needs to see you at break today will call down the listAnother list at break and will call down thenTissue Interactions and MorphogenesisSlide 2 MorphogenesisMorphogenesis is key for growth tissue interaction and organ formation during developmentIt is a complex thing and is hard to cover in one classMorphogenesis is one of the three 3 fundamental stages of developmentWhy and how do tissues become specializedSlide 3 Animals are complexGastrulation reorganizes the blastula and it is the most important time of lifeIn folding of the embryo is done to create the endoderm mesoderm and ectoderm these are the three 3 most important layers The cells that are far apart at one point are now close together This allows cells to interact with other layersInternal epithelial cell IEC layer and mesenchymal cell layer MESInternal epithelial cells line the internal layer of ducts that develop into organs and other tissuesMesenchymal cell layer forms the connective tissue and has a blood supplyThese cells are scattered among fibers collagenSlide 6 Epithelial CellsThese are regularly shaped and arranged in a sheetThey can be one layer or manyThere is polarity to these cellsThey can be used for absorption or secretionAll the cells rest on a layer called the basement membraneBasal lamina is part of the basement membraneUnder the basement membrane is the mesenchyme areaBecause of the polarity there are different transport proteins that may be present at either end of the cell This gives a unidirectional flow to the cell and delivery to the bodyThe epithelium is a barrier and a protective layer The junctions in the epithelium are tight gap and structural junctionsTightThis prevent leakage between cells and is also a defense mechanismGapThis allows for passage of small molecules and ions They are also linkers between cellsStructural junctionsDesmosomes hemidesmosomes and adherens1
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