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Biological Sciences
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Stefan Rusyniak

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y 13fixation o Tissue preserved in appearance just as seen in body o Doctor puts it into fixative and cause hardening and terminate cell metabolismWant metabolism to stop because apoptosiscell responds to cell stress to activate certain genes to disassemble cellStop microbial fcn as wellCrosslink proteinskeep proteins wherever they were last Can be used to determine locations of proteins wn cells at a particular timeHardening isnt enough to cut itArtefact of preparationcauses cell shrinkageexam y We know that occurs because of the prep work and not representative of whathow cell occurs in the body o Once tissue fixed y Embedding o Need to impregnate cell with some sort of plastic wax o Cell mostly waterwax and water dont mix If want to embed cell in plastic or wax need to replace water with waxplastic o In order to do tht need to remove water and put in solvent that is miscible with wax o Histocleartoluene neither soluble in water either So need to replace water with something that toluene soluble inalcohol o Toluene histoclear and xylene miscible with alcohol o Could directly throw cell into histoclearclearing step o Can throw tissue into wax and replace histoclear with wax o Wax and plastic pretty hard
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