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Biological Sciences
Stefan Rusyniak

y Types of cartilagehave same GS diff bn hyaline and elastic is elastic has elastic fibres o Hyalineo Elastic o Fibrocartilage o Hyalinemajorityof bodyis this one Skeleton orig hyaline cartilageSome remnants of it left surfaces of bones and joints articular surfaces special because no perichondriumif was there on surface would be a rough surface and if want two bone surfaces glide past each other will cause damage By having just the hyaline cartilage will give smooth surface on which bones could slide past each other Articular cartilage has specific structure Actual perichondrum on edges not on smooth surface only one wo perichondirumEvery other hyaline cartilage has perichondriumArthritisdeteriorationcells become less efficient at maintaining matrix surfaces rougher because not as smooth as they should be so they scrape and cause damage Also because cartilage doesnt heal will continue to happen This is where we get inflammation and body will respond by trying to send cells into region to clean it upFind hyaline cartilage in rib cage rings of trachea holding open airways Why rings and not a continuous tube provides flexibility to move head but still hold airway open Nose made up of hyaline cartilage Ear is elastic cartilage much more flexible and recoils goes back to original spot Cant bend hyaline cartilage in the same way Tracheal rings become calcified and get replaced with boney Elastic cartila
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