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Biological Sciences
Stefan Rusyniak

y Tunica Intimay Tunica adventitia o Lots of collagen type 1 o Some elastic fibres to provide recoil abilityThis is the outermost layer of blood vessel simple diffusion not enough to feed it So the blood vessel has a secondary blood supplyvasa vasorumVeins need this more because carrying oxygen poor blood nothing really to nourish that tissue Nerve supply to blood vessels as well Ex want muscle to contract rapidly to cut off blood flow and not always used Called Nervi vascularis Non myelinated nerve endings Probably wont see on slide Be aware that they are there Come in from tunica adventitia and innervate smooth msuscley Dont need to innervate all of the smooth muscle will spread to rest of muscle via gap junctions Diff from skeletal muscles because each skeletal muscle fibre is innervated separately y Arteries and sizes oUp to 40 layers for aorta o Need 50layers of tunica media to determine size of artery 210 mm 1020 layers of cell muscular arteries o Small arteries012mm in diameter Tunica media has 710 cells in thickness o Smallest unit is the arteriole 13 layers of smooth mscule cells Still have all three layeray Veins and sizes o Verins differ wrt the fact that tunica media isnt the thickest part of the wall
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