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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Stefan Rusyniak

Erythropoietin EPO to make rbcThe three types of proteins found in blood plasma albumin globulin and fibrinogen TOO MUC rbc viscosity of the BVhigh altitude no soccer game Too less rbcie anemianot enough haemoglobin or O2 carrying capacity Iron decificy anemiarbc appear hypochromic paler than usual and microcyticsmaller than usual Microcytic anemia smaller sized rbcdue to daily iron deficiencyHypochromic anemia paler look rbenlarged central area of pallor and reduced red outlayer due to decreased amount of haemoglobin Sicle cell anemiacells dont look normal and hence get kicked out of the BS into the lymphatic vesselshence not enough O2 carrying capacity Compare the different types of abnormal sized anemia y Microcytic anemia lack of iron y Macrocyticlack of V12 which means mitosis is not nrmaland you tend to pack everythinghope into this one rbc Neutrophil y Left shiftband cell band nucleus is the reserved neutrophil in the bone marrow means the patient just deals with infection and many normal mature neutrophil died y Right shifthyperlobulated nucleusdue to same reason as macrocytic rbc in macrocytic anmealack of V12 and tend to pack all the cytoplasm in one cellseen when you have chemotherapy after caner as you have to stop the mitosiso Pathologist looking and see alot of immature neutrophils means that mature ones have been used up called a left shiftrecent release from bone marrowright after infection o if lots of hypersegmented nucleus in neutrophils means that body cant produce new neutrophils seeing lots of old ones Means that bone marrow cant produce new ones due to inability to divide meaning possible vitamin b12 deficiency Also malabsorption could be getting b12 but cant take it up If u have cancer on chemotherapy basically stops mitosis so can damage bone marrow If u see a LARGE number ofthese might be looking at a right shiftyNumbers of neutrophil y Neutropenia hate neutrophilso not enough number of neutrophil but largeright shift hyperlobulated nucleus neutrophily Neutrophilialike neutrophilmore than enough number of Same as fibrocytosis means more numbers than normalKnow the characteristic of neutrophil o Phagocytic o Singlue uselife span is hosrt and designed for single attack then die
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