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Biological Sciences
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Lecture 9 lymphatic tissuey Neutrophils most numerous WBC in blood but lymphocytes most abundant in lymphatic tissuesperipheral tissues y Primary lymphatic organswhere lymphocytes are Lymphocytes come from bone marrow either stay there b lymph or migrate into thymus and started to develop and become educated usually t lymphocytes bone marrow and thymus o Want a cell that is capable of mounting an immune response Want to educate them because capable of destruction want them to know what to attack y 2ndary lymphatic organseducated but still naive lymphocytes are going to circ to and meet the pathogen These cells at this point can respond to a pathogen o Includes lymphatic nodules nodes tonsils spleen Tonsils basically a large aggregation of lymphatic nodules in oral cavity and first point of contact with potential pathogen y Organs have a capsule made of dense irreg connective tissue Antigen presenting cell o Not all APC are part of MPS Its a cell that presents antigens Specific way of defining that MHCI tend to hold onto frag of protein produced within the cello Anything within MHCI is a self antigen produced by cell itselfo Any virus that enters cell make their own proteins not encoded by ur own genome Just use ur machinery then those viral proteins will be degraded as a normal aprt of cell functioning and those fragments will present in an mhcI o MHCII only found on surface of antigen presenting cells Lists a ton of phagocytic cells Lysosome will fuse with vesicle containing pathogen helping it degrade get a phagolysosome Those protein frag inside the phagolysosome and will be picked up as cell dumping out waste mchII coplex picks up this protein and then carry non self antigens o Only phagocytic cells have this mhcII complex Immune cells educatred to recog these mhc complexes will know when cell infected by the non self peptide o Can also be used to detect cancer becaue mutated proteins will be presented on the surface of the MHCI complexes bc mutant protein not detected as self by immune system will attack and destroy cancerous cello T cells designed to detect only ur mhcI complexes if not urs will attack o Viruses evolved to counteract this and some viruses lower number of MHCI complexes on surface of cell and thus u dont haveo Body also coevolved to count number of MHCI complexes o Warn body that there is something that doesnt belong thereo Blymphocytes do have some ability to eat pathogens and present the pathogen on their MHCII complexeso Not every t lymphocyte can respond to a pathogeny Kupfer cells found within liver Langerhans cells are APC found in ur skin They will exit skin go through connective tissue and go to lymph node and tell them somethings wrong antigen presenting usually done in lymph nodes Not really in b stream that it happens because RBCs make up majority ofo Langerhans cells are a type of dendritic celldescribes apc that has lots of cytoplasmic processes that extend sa to come in contact with the most number of pathogens and have a greater sa to present more pathogens
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