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Biological Sciences
Stefan Rusyniak

Lecture 11 Nervous Tissuesy Slideshow exam Same times as beforeEverything from the last slide show Blood vessels to nervous tissues About 1 hr long same format as last time Half exam is fill in the blank Final has same level of difficulty Final mostly focused on the latter half of the course y Spinal cordmotor neurons in ventral horns mstly cell bodies but also afferent and efferent nerve fibres o Allows for comm From spine to rest of the body Long axon leaves spinal cord to reach final target from that cell body firing an APThat axon is still nervous tissue still moving ap so there are certain concentrations of ions associated with this axon If u want ap to be unchanged wrt ion concentrations need it to be isolated from the rest of the bodyIons fluctuate throughout bodyrecall calcium levels from OB and OC y if u have the wrong concen of sodium chloride K coudSupporting cells ensure msg treamistted from CNS is sent to its target without being changedRecall CNS there is a clear sep between nervous and non nervous tissueIn PNS same idea of isolating nervous componenty Ganglion o Contains cell bodys of neuron o If outside CNS neuron Is a ganglion cell Can have small ganglion cells clustered in regions of digestive tract for example hw lots of large one o Dorsal root ganglionon dorsal side of spinal cord and will contain ganglion cells that make contact with sensory cells and give their msgo Ganglion cells fairly large cellsowls eye nucleus the same Often see nissl and a pigment within this cell o Called lipfucsinwaste product Cells in ur body in general one pop of cell Permanent cellsno longer divide once mature dont regenerate Neurons fall into this category hw there is some recent evidence that there is some ability to regen Now there is some ability to produce new neurons butsomewhat specific and very slowPermanent cells tend to be long livedthis cell will accum waste So in general will recycle but if really long time will have stuff u just cant break down So stores this wn cytoplasm inside vacuoles to keep it sequesteredy Called age pigments because older the cell is will have more stuff y Will have its own colour o FCNTransmit ap dont want it to be mesed up by the surroundingsIsolated via two cells the one closest to the cell body is the satellite cell just refers to a cell that is in close contact with another cellhave same properties of oligodendrocytes Tend to wrap themselves around the cell body forming a continous layer to control microenvironment around the cell body Compared to ganglion small small nuclei y Capsule cells o Fibroblasts connected to one another surrounding the ganglion celly All cells in the ganglion
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