lab on epithelium cells

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Stefan Rusyniak

9292011 102500 AM Dense irregulary Epidermisthe black line is the division between the epi and dermiso Intensive stainpathch work different orientation thicko Main cellfibroblast you can see the nucleialso macrophage o The white part is the blood vessel alongside you see endotheliumy Also organ capsule yDense regular y First pic is the tendon Parallel of collagen and fibreso Can see the elongated fibroblast nucleio Dont confuse it with musclesmooth muscley You see also elastic fibre in the ligamento You see the white spaces they are loose connective tissue oThe collagen fibre is eosinphilicElastic fibre is thinnerFibroblast nuclei is more apparent in an inactive form Reticular fibres y A spider web and the cells are like spider y Lymphnode spleenyAreolar tissue y You see everythingand its loose y As long as you see dark spot then it is macrophagey Fibroblast are the cells that produce fibres and collagens so they should be adjacent to the threadso You see black red dots they are blood cellsred o The dark black L are lymphocytes round nucleus cytoplasm can be small around it Mast cell must be in the slide exam y Rat salivary gland you find tubules
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