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Biological Sciences
Stefan Rusyniak

LAB TALK Blood1122011 84200 PM Compare and contrast a elastic artey with a venule not just artey and viensy Lumen is the same size is the reference pointy Layers number for artey is 40 layersy Tunica adventitia for arteyyou see collagen fibres Elastic artey y Coarse elastic fibres going through the black line in the tunica mediay You dont really see the elastic memrbae in the intimay The purple pink are the collagenNormal aorta y Thicker intimaMedium sized artey y You can see some of the infolding in the intima cant differentiate between internal elastic membrane and endothelial if the outermost layer then its the endotheliumy The light pink layer is the media y The dark pink is the adventitia Muscular artey medium y You can see the nuclei of the endothelium celly Smooth msucles are the oval shaped nuclei in the mediay Next one look for the wavy and elongated nuclei for the smooth muscleArteriole y 23 layers of mediay not musch of the adventia hard to tell it from the connective tissue surrounding the vessely the big hole and the right bottom corner small hole are bothartey y same sized lumen comepare right and lefty tunica intima is visible on the right side o left side you cant see mthat much infoldingthe internal elastic embraneleft side has thicker mediaright side has thicker adventitiadark purple elastic vein
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