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Biological Sciences
Stefan Rusyniak

CARTILAGE Naming Cells: • Fibroblast • Chondroblast • Chondrocyte • Plasma cell/plasmacyte • Adipocyte -blast = less mature and more active = organelles, differentiate -cyte = fairly inactive mature cell Mesenchyme (stem cell)  chondroblast  chondrocyte Chondroblast = more active but BOTH produce the matrix that surrounds the cells Chondrocytes = maintain cartilage = so doesn’t breakdown completely Ex) arthritis, older  cells aren’t as efficient at maintaining matrix as younger cells ECM: -made of cartilage-specific collagen (Type II, sometimes combo of II and I) -lots of hyaluronic acid + GAGS = hydrated Some textbooks, chondroblast = formative chondrocyte -there’s only histological difference btn chondrocyte (more round; w/in cartilage tissue) & chondroblast (edges of cartilage; flat) -molecular surface of both = same -cells (actively produce matrix components) are basophilic  need to produce protein (lots) = proteoglycan w/ protein core to export (ECM)  protein export = elaborate RER = basophilic cytoplasm -cells start out at periphery (chondroblast), produce matrix, eventually become embedded in it and other cells will take over periphery Chondrocytes: • Completely surrounded by cartilage matrix (dense, therefore the cell
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