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BIOC23: Lec 11 - Mass Spectrometry.doc

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Rongmin Zhao

Lec 11 Mass SpectrometryMass Spec Components1 Ion sourceoonly positively charged mocs can be analyzedoionization to produce sample for analysisoTypesElectrospay IonizationSample mocs evaporated into gas prior hit by high NRG electron beamionizeOuter layer electron knocked outve mocve mocs accelerated to mass analyzerproteins of mass up to 500000Da determined charge range 05 to 2 per kDMALDIMatrixassisted laser desorption ionizationPrecipitate sample and put it on gold plateHeat sample w laser high NRGMocs absorb NRGelectron emittedmocs veGo to mass analyzerProteins of mass up to 300000Da determined2 Mass analyzeromass filterselectorsorting apparatus allows only one particle type to go to detectoroTypesTimeofflightIons w charge q accelerated by voltage U get the kinetics NRG qUIon travelling distance D will need timeBy detecting time of flight masscharge ratio determinedHigh voltage applied to ve mocs moves from one side to otherNRG obtained by moccharge of mocvoltagethis NRG converted to kinetic NRGvelocity of moc calculatedAfter stopping voltage particle enters vacuummoc moves w constant speeddistance and velocity knowncan calculate time required for moc to go to other sidethen mz ratioMore powerful if electromagnetic field appliedonly certain ions go throughoBy changing magnetic field or elective field the Lorentz force applied to the particle can be adjustedQuadropole
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