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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 - Comparative Skeletal Muscle Physiology

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Biological Sciences
Kenneth Welch

The Lecture 11 Chapter 10 Muscles and Animal Movement Section Insect Asynchronous Flight Muscles P. 408 411. Section Motor Control in Arthropods P. 413 414. Phasic twitch Twitch kinetics: The AP wave on the membrane of the muscle cell must travel along the whole length of the fibre causing the sarcomeres along the entire length causing tension if it doesnt go through the muscle as a whole, then it will cause the muscle to stretch APs are required to come in rapid succession and result in temporal summation (a single fibre with summation) Isometric: less than full production (A tetanic contraction (or tetanized state) occurs when a motor unit has been maximally stimulated by its motor neuron. This occurs when a muscles motor unit is stimulated at a sufficiently high frequency of multiple impulses. Each stimulus causes a twitch. If stimuli is delivered slow enough, the tension in the muscle will relax between successive twitches. If stimuli are delivered at high frequency, then the twitches will add up, resulting in tetanic contraction.) Force production modulation: Depends on units of muscle function activated at a time and how long they remain activated Vertebrate motor units contains 1000s of fibres that have 100s neurons innervating it The motor unit: a motor neuron fires and causes twitches in all fibres that it innervates (everything it is talking to twitches) 3 types of motor neurons: o Type I, type IIa and type IIb o Type I:
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