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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - Communication Between Neurons

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Biological Sciences
Kenneth Welch

Lecture 9 Communication between neurons Electrical synapse function Figure we can inject a stimulus current into the presynaptic terminal and injecting supra-concentration (?) sub-threshold so that delpol occurs Reduce resistance by increasing # of gap junctions? (Diagram c) Rectifying electrical synapse Gap junctions can be directional depending on which cell depolarizes first Rectifying = one way only Fast chemical synapse In a fast chemical synapse, area is very small Ca+ influx triggers exocytosis of vesicles into the synaptic cleft Neurotransmitters bind to post-synaptic membrane receptors o In the case of an excitatory synapse, influx into the post-synaptic membrane Transmitter is removeddegraded in cleft Less and less ligand binding where there is a fast chemical synapse If the post synaptic membrane is only permeable to K+ then it is an inhibitory synapse influc oc K+ causes hyperpolarization Neurotransmitters and fast chemical synapses Ach: common Doesnt depend on the neurotransmitter but the receptors involved
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