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Health Disparities

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Biological Sciences
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Stephen Reid

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Chapter 2: Health Disparities  Determinants of health are those factors that influence the health of individuals.  Health disparities refer to differences in measures in the health status among groups of people in a community, a state, or the entire nation.  Racial, ethnic, and cultural differences exist in the health screening behaviors, treatments provided, and access to health care providers.  Factors such as stereotyping and prejudice can affect health care seeking behavior in minority populations.  Discrimination and bias occur when negative treatment occurs based on race, ethnicity, gender, aging, and sexual orientation.  Use of standardized evidence-based guidelines can reduce health disparities in diagnosis and treatment.  Interpersonal skills such as active listening, relationship building, and effective communication are basic to the delivery of high quality and equitable health care. Chapter 4: Health History and Physical Examination  The nurse and physician both obtain a patient history and perform a physical examination, but they use different formats and analyze the data differently.  The nursing assessment includes both subjective and object
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