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Complementary and Alternative Therapies

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Biological Sciences
Stephen Reid

Chapter 8: Complementary and Alternative Therapies  Complementary and alternative therapies include a broad domain of resources, including health systems, modalities, and practices other than those intrinsic to the dominant health system of a particular society or culture.  This definition highlights that what might be considered “complementary and alternative” in one country or at one period of history might be considered “conventional” in another place or time.  Individuals often “self-select” these therapies, using them without professional supervision.  Nearly half of the users of these therapies do not consult an alternative and complementary practitioner or disclose such use to their traditional health care provider.  Patients should be advised that complementary therapies do not replace conventional therapies, but can often be used in combination with conventional therapies.  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete system of medicine with an individualized form of diagnosis and treatment, as well as having its focus on prevention.  TCM includes acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and other modalities.  Mind-body interventions are a variety of techniques designed to facilitate the mind’s capacity to affect body function, including behavioral, psychologic, social, and spiritual approaches to health such as imagery,
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