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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Connie Zavitz

11osteocyte in the inner side and outersie is the compact boneyou see the high virgin canal in the centreof the osteonto allow for the passage of blood vessel you also have concentric lamellae to provide strength you may also have lateral lamellaeyou may also have interstitial lamellaebetween two neighbouring osteons in the centre you have spongy bone and in the periphery you have compact boneUnder low power observe the general structure of compact bone The outer more regular edge is the periosteal border this is protected by the fibrous connective tissue of periostium this is not of concern now The inner more irregular border is closer to the medullary cavity where the marrow is Note the arrangement of osteons in the compact outer regions Each osteon is composed of an inner central canal that usually contains a nerve artery and vein Around this canal there is a regular arrangement of rings like on the inside of a treealthough in the case they have no relationship to the age of the person These rings are called lamellae Dark nuclei seen in most rings are osteocytes which produce bone Faint lines running perpendicular to the rings of the lamellae are called canaliculi and are channels of communication between osteocytes Bone is actually a very dynamic tissue it is constantly being resorbed and new bone is laid down13 Spongy Bone sec HumanSpongy bone or trabecular bone does not have the same regular organization as compact bone does In this section the bony tissue is stained pink Note the small spaces in the bone with dark staining nuclei in them These are called lacunae just means space Osteocytes occupy these lacunae Occasionally you might see a small divot hollowing in one of the inner surfaces of the trabecular bone If this divot has a large irregularly shaped cell in it with a dark staining nucleus that cell is likely an osteoclast a cell that actively breaks down bone
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