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Lecture 2

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Biological Sciences
Stephen Reid

BIOC33 H3 Lecture 2 ECG- measure of the surface electrical activity from the heart allowing to quantify heart rate and seeing how heart activity can change; looking at heart function and cardiovascular activity 3 components of ECG (+- deflection) are important because they tell us about the heart function Electrical Axis- heart depolarizes, electrical activity going off in all directions ultimately there is a mean axis at which the electrical activity flows and that axis which goes at about 60 degrees from the middle of heart can shift left or right and shifting is important for determining heart disease ECG can also be used to determine heart rate : Bradycardia: decrease in heart rate Tachycardia: increase in heart rate Arrhythmias: rhythm can be disrupted by processes that are atrial or ventricular in origin; Ventricular in origin, will be more problematic as compared to atrial Sequence activation disorders: So we know that activity starts are sinoatrial node, goes to the intermodal pathways, then down to the atrioventricualr node, down the branch bundles and up to the purkinje fibres; Normal sequence of events can be disrupted with electrical activity starting somewhere
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